Govt. Regd. No. 38621/062/63 – Licence No. 667/063/64

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Mission with Vision

Pacific Human Resources Pvt. Ltd. has directed its mission towards objectives as fundamental and essential obligation to be achieved by providing foreign employment opportunities for Nepalese citizens (i.e. professionals, skilled, semiskilled and unskilled) in various countries authorised by Nepalese governments. Company works as a bridge between employers in foreign countries and the Nepalese workers seeking employment overseas.

The following are the main objectives of our organization:

  • To pursue, arrange and legally provide permissible foreign employment opportunities for various categories. (i.e. professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled persons, labours and helpers) to overseas countries as per valued clients requirements.
  • To explore better job opportunities and guarantee employment of Nepali workforce.
  • To authenticate, confirm and satisfy overseas employers and the business partners by supplying the suitable Nepalese workforce.
  • To meet the time frames in fulfilling foreign employment requirements for employees and their potential employers.
  • To establish amicable business relationships with overseas countries, industries, companies and business partners.
  • To help in receipt of foreign remittances to improve the economic condition of Nepal and at the same time contribute as taxpayer to Government of Nepal.
  • To strengthen, friendly relationship between our nation and overseas employers.
  • To contribute for the development and further betterment of financial, commercial, business, industrial and social development of the country.

It reveals, if we keep our vision limited, the possibility of reaching our destination is minimal. Keeping this belief intact, we focus on the in-depth understanding of the client’s need and always stay cluedup with them to make our relation a successful one in the long run. The crux of our vision is to become a top class repository for committed manpower from Nepal, at the same time we will always strive hard to be accepted by job applicants and business houses across the globe for endorsing honest, trustworthy and transparent recruitment processes.