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Short Glance

Brave and Loyal Workforce

History has it that Nepalese soldiers have fought the wars, along with the British Indian Armies, with great valor and honesty. During these wars, the Gurkhas have proven their supreme self-confidence to adapt to any climate condition and adverse situation, and unbeatable determination to persistently discharge their duties that truly complemented their Gurkhali repute. For the bravery shown by the Gurkhas during the wars including the first and second world wars, they have been honored with more than a dozen Victoria Cross, the highest of the bravery award given by British Empire. Yet we find such bravery and loyalty in Nepali’s heart to perform their duty with a great sense of responsibility.

Unskilled and Semi-Skilled Workforce

Almost half of Nepal’s population is between the age of 16 to 40 and the number of people entering the workforce is on a solid rise. Despite of many initiatives by the government, Nepal is battling a large unskilled workforce, with many of these manpower leaving for opportunities abroad. Unskilled worker does not require to have special training or skills. However being a natural talent, they can be trained and be molded swiftly to work as ranch workers, staple representatives, hotel and hospital housekeeping and kitchen help, lodging servants, general cleaners and sweepers etc. On the other hand, semi skilled laborer can assist supervisors and asst. managers on jobs in Electrical, Communication, Automobile, Technological, Supply Chain etc.. along with other semi-or mid-expertise work.

Skilled Workforce

Over the years, Nepal like many other countries in South Asia has implemented policies and proposals to address the skills needed at various segments for the residents to meet its growth and development agenda. The focus on skills development, which is part of the country’s objective of socio-economic progression and development suggests that HRD priorities govern Nepal’s strategic plans as well. Due to this initiative and pool of experienced skilled workforce returning from foreign land exploring the better opportunities, sizeable number of skilled youth and young adults are in our database to select from. Once we know your current openings we can immediately share their resumes with your esteemed orgnisation.

Administrative and Professional Workforce

Administrative and professional staffs play significant roles in supporting all aspects of the Company. These administrative and professional candidates are capable to look after administrative infrastructure; provide professional expertise across a diverse range of job functions, from research and academic administration to sports education, communications, finance, planning, banking, CSR and much more. To support greater insights and enhanced recruitment procedure for both current and prospective employers, we have created a state of art premises with all the facilities where we would like to invite you for conducting the selection process.

People residing in Himalayan Region

The Himalayan region is famous for its men for their bravery, honesty, loyalty, stout physique and hard work. Hence, they are regarded the best personnel for security and jobs that require maximum level of physical strength.

People residing in Hill Region/Valley

The hills and the valley are best known for the people with high level of education and expertise. The cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara and others, being metropolitan/sub metropolitan and the tourist hub, consist of educated and professional workforce for skilled category of jobs and high level posts.

People residing in Terai Region

Terai belt of Nepal has a mixed population of skilled, unskilled and professional workforce. Many companies have hired such manpower from this region. Terai having a very hot climate, people of this region can easily adapt even in extreme hot weather condition.