Govt. Regd. No. 38621/062/63 – Licence No. 667/063/64

01.4358519, 4386753
December 27, 2021

Here is an incident that exposes the lack of unemployment opportunities and increasing document forgery in Nepal.

The Department of Foreign Employment informs 9,699 Nepalis applied for various jobs in Israel under a government-to-government agreement, but 2,790 of them got rejected after finding they had submitted fake documents.

Therefore, only the remaining 7,009 people were allowed to take the exams for selection, the department’s Director-General Deepak Kaphle informed a meeting of the Industry, Commerce, Labour and Consumer Interest Committee in the House of Representatives on Friday.

“None of the applicants whose applications were rejected has contacted us to ask why they were rejected,” he added, claiming this hence proved their verification was right.

Whereas 7,009 people were allowed to attend the exams, only 6,317 did and 2,039 including 1,395 women and 644 men passed the exam, according to the department.

Now, they will be interviewed, after which 1,400 workers will be selected for the job.

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